Burkina Faso Opera Project 


 "LÀ-BAS OU ICI...", an interdisciplinary project in development, is an opera in French and several other local languages, produced by Keiko Fujiie in Burkina Faso, West Africa. 
Starting in 2019, the ongoing project brings together several cultures, languages and art forms, attempting to create a global and open work of art. 
The title is borrowed from the novel L'Aube d'un avenir avorté... written in French by Congolese writer Moyi Mbourangon, who wrote the opera's libretto. 
The cinematography is by Justin P. Brown.   

Keiko Fujiie is an international composer and author of several operas. 
With this project, she brings to bear her experience and in-depth knowledge of both Western classical music and the traditional music of East Asia.
East Asian traditional music, dialogues and merges with West African music and its spirit. 
Given that African music is not written down on sheet music, but is transmitted orally, the process of creating an opera requires a great deal of skill.
process of creating an opera requires careful communication and longer than usual timescales.
that the four acts of the work will not be completed until 2023.

Get to know our opera & songs

Our Opera Project was presentd at SIAO 2023

SIAO, the International Arts and Handicrafts Trade Show of Ouagadougou

Performance at Bobo-Dioulasso

On 4th February 2022, we premiered the second version of our opera in  the second biggest city in Burkina Faso.

At Institut Français de Ouagadougou 

On 5 March, 2022, Ambassadors of various countries were also in attendance, and the performance was filled with excitement. 

Live concert at P'tit Bazal

In a cool live spot near the grand marcket Ouagadougou . 

The earliest recordings

When we were practicing in the shade of a tree in a big field

PREMIERE of the 1st ACT at Institut français 

23th April 2021 in Ougadougou

MAM SOUR BEBE with Taita

The title song of the opera "La-bas ou ici..." was translated into Morre. 

Media Appearances

SIAO performance

VOA TV news

Bobo performance

RTB TV news

Reportage about us

Canal+ TV

BBC Photo Story

A Japanese composer, a Burkina Faso story-teller and a Congolese rapper make an opera


Griots, rappers and composers redefine opera in Burkina Faso 

Current Cast (2023 June)


Composition: Keiko Fujiie, Maboudou Sanou 
Libretto: Moyi MBOURANGON 
Musicians: “SABABOU KADI KEIKO” Keiko Fujiie, Maboudou Sanou, Ibrahim Dembélé, Boureima Sanou, Yacouba Sanou, 
Maï Lingani 
Comédien: Lamissa Dembélé (dit petit médicament) 
Arts visual: Justin P. Brown 

Our crowdfunding campaign finished successfully!!

The fundraising campaign started on 22nd August 2021 finished on 8th November successfully. Thank you very much for your support!!